I still remember that wet August evening in New York City, when people were not looking happy. On my way back to the hotel, I got the bus, and I was caught by the bus driver a middle-aged, dark man with a warm smile who greeted me amiably: "Hi, how are you?" After I took my place, I heard him greeting each passenger who got on the bus . A look of astonishment appeared on the face of every passenger like me. Everyone was so engrossed in the gloomy mood of that gloomy evening, that why the driver's salutation was answered by only a few of them. But as he progressed through the suffocating traffic into the city Centercenter, a slow, magical change took place inside the bus,; the driver kept conducting a monologue with himself, attracting the attention of all the passengers. We heard him commenting loudly on everything we could see from the surrounding windows, such as: “In"In this store, there is a massive discount," ”or “Inor "In this museum, there is a wonderful exhibition...”", or “Have"Have you heard about the new movie that started showing in this cinema? ...»." With time, the "contagion" of his happiness was transmitted to the passengers. When the driver bid farewell forto each of them by saying: “Goodbye..."Goodbye, have a nice day...,” the response came to him with a beautiful smile on their faces.

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