Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

3- Second, buses are cheap, as you can travel from a city to another one with only ten Saudi Riyadh. On the other hand, they are slow and don’t save time. For example, you can travel from Jeddah to MaddinaMedina in six hours.
thirdThird, cars are very suitable if you move inwithin the same city or if you trave.....

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My name

Haben digitale Medien im Unterricht mehr Vor- oder mehr Nachteile?

Wegen der raschen technologischen Entwicklung hat sich unser Leben offensichtlich verwandelt, indem elektronische Geräte in fast jedem Teil unseres Alltags benutzt werden. Aber nicht jeder kann mit den täglich vorgestellten digitalen Neu

I am interested in the position of "Customer Relationship Manager" position because it seems to be very varied and challenging. As a motivated employee, I would like to apply the experience I have gained so far, andwhile at the same time develop my professional skills.
After completing my Business Management Mas

My most memorable childhood was when I was 14 years old. It was the last day of my vacation in the Dominican Republic. I went to a lot of places that day. I went to the river, water parks, the mall, ice cream places, etc. It was around 5 PM when I arrivearrived home. Days before that, my grandfather was t.....

Letter of complaint
Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with your meals and staff. My birthday took place in your restaurant one week ago. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that waiters were acting ridiculously, they were laughing and they

Coronavirus : l’organisation Mondial de la santé déconseille queconseille les jeunes "Pas immunisénon immunisés" contre le risque d’infection

mondialmondiale de la santé a déconseilléconseillé que les jeunes
Pas immunisé
non immunisés contre l’infection de coronavirus et a diten leur disant qu’ils doivent éviter la contactetout contact avec Lesles personnes âgées et.....

before the injected sample needed to
sure,ensure there are no air bubbles inside the system, by opening the purge valve anti-clockwise 1.5 round which means the column will become offline, then select purge off inside the computer to start to pump mobile phases inside the system for 30-secon.....

Sehr geehrter Doktor Schopf,
ich hoffe Sie haben eine gute Zeit in Quarantäne. Da nun Neuseeland auch in, wie es hier heißt, "level 4 certificate in health and wellbeing" ist und ich das Haus meiner Gastgeber-Familie nicht verlassen darf
, habe ich mich dazu entschieden, noch mehr deutsch zu üben, al.....

MARSH LANE – A British street artist’s hometown was given a gift right in time for Valentine’s Day: a work of street art gambling with violence and innocence by showing a small girl with a slingshot and a splatter of red flowers.

“A lovely surprise, really nice. Just driving down the road to go and

Nowadays, in teaching englishEnglish as a foreign language their there is always a world wideworld-wide demand for good teacherteachers, as it's nesesarynecessary for schools recogniseto be recognised by organisations such as the British counsil therefore lessCouncil. Therefore, fewer schools employare employing teachers without proper qualifications asand as a result, more .....

Dear Faculties at Viterbi Graduate Admissions,My name is Rui Niu, and I have submitted my application tofor the Computer Science - Software Engineering program. Although I haven't yet received myyour decision, I want to reiterate my desire for admission to USC Viterbi. If I am lucky enough to be admi.....

I'll be the first to admit that I am a Nomophobiac.
We have a very close relationship, and that's why I take such good care of
itmy phone. (No comments please). I basically run my business from my phone so no matter what I use I always have fingerprints, film, smears, etc.
Yesyes, over the last few years that'that h.....

Hello dear teachers,
Hope youI hope you're all doing well and staying safe.
I totally agree with what you all mentioned
. To be honest, I never expectexpected that students willwould learn so much from an online class.
Personally, my lessons are the easiest compared to the others
. butI still, I need Soso much time tilluntil I wi.....

Learning is closely related to remembering, because if there is nothing left from our previous experiences, we will not learn anything. and rememberingRemembering a special significance, our thinking is closely related to what we remember from the facts, just as the continuation of perception in itself depends on .....

Chères clientes, chers clients,

Dans un contexte inédit qui évolue en permanence, chaque jour nous amène à adapter notre organisation pour répondre à nos deux objectifs majeurs :

► Respecter les dispositions gouvernementales
, avec, pour priorité, la sécurité de TOUS :
la vôtre et celle de nos colla.....

Hi Sandy,

have just got your email. I, too, am excited to come and stay with you for a week!

I can't wait to spend some time with you after so many months.

When I get to you, I think I will be very tired because of the long journey and for this reason I would prefer to stay at home and relax instea

isn'tIsn't it great that certain foods and theretheir aromas can invoke such comforting memoriesmemories? myMy mom didntdidn't like to cook after six kid whokids. Who could blame her however her? However, she was a great cook. she makeShe made a delicious beef and barley soup whatthat would warm the soul on the coldest winter day. herHer secret ingredient.....

Fellow Young Adults

The leadership of the JEM UMC YAF inform all its members that
, due to the mandate from our Resident Bishop of the LAC/UMC Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire Jr. Duedue to the Corona-virusCoronavirus outbreak. That, all congregational activities including Worship service, Bible study, Choir practices, Meetings.....

After our conference call on Friday, I have sent an email to Mrs. XXX from Credit Suisse in order to clarify the conditions under which I can getgain access to the estate assets at Credit Suisse. In this email, I emphasized that you gave the power of attorney to me inwith the intention that I shall be able to.....