Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

Hello, iI got an assignment to write 8eight lessons planesplans, which iI have to submit by mayMay. I'm quite nervous about this, since writing englishin English is a bit harder for me thamthan talking onor even reading. couldCould you pleasplease give me some ideas about how I can i have a oerferfectperfect, highly formal , and high level of engEng.....

My visit to the hospital

I went to Sulaiman
alhabibAl Habib to make an appointment for myself. The hospital wasis very big and had all the medical departments and modern equipment necessary to facilitate their work procedures, upon. Upon entering, theystaff asked for my details so that I could open my file and see th.....

Theories X, Y & Z:
All of
this theoriesthese theories' main goalgoals are to make our employer more productivity,productive and to get the maximum with thosethe resources that we have .
xX is good for usingto use for those people who, for example, do those typetypes of job where you just do one or couple tasktwo tasks like a robot, and those employees .....

Dear Mr. Belkacem,

We are facing a problem while using the sound level meter SERISE SE/DL
. , weWe tried to follow the instructioninstructions in the user manual to get NC values as mentioned in Pageon page 90, but once we reach to select the option menu, a massage received “message appears, stating: "No data file – Option not loaded fil.....

Dear Professor,
I hope you are doing well. My name is Stanley Nelson
. I am enrolled in the Developmental service workerService Worker program, level 1. Before enrolling toin this program, I completed my high school from a school in Delhi, India. Telling about myself the thing which I need to own every time is my ca.....

Hi Nataly,

How are you? I just wanted to tell you
that the last summerwhen my family and I went to London with my family and Ilast summer, we all had a really good time.

I really liked London for all the things that have happened there
,. I went to a lot of places and a lot of restaurants. The first thing that we did was go to the hotel a.....

Buenos días, Nuria, Olga,:

He discutido con Beatriz
sobre el tema de que ya es hora de completar la venta de mis participaciones en Wefri a mi madre.

Es particularmente importante para mí que el precio se fije lo más rápido posible, porque necesito saber cuánto queda.

Mi beneficio de desempleo se

Buenos días,

Las compañías que operan para su viaje a Barcelona - Ibiza + un perro de 20
kg son 3;: Balearia, Grandi Navi Veloci y Transmed GLE. Actualmente, tenemos una oferta especial de 169 € con€169 con la compañía Transmed, en la que se permiten mascotas, y a partir de 6 kglos 6kg de peso irán en jaulas a bor.....

Octobre rose est une campagne annuelle de communication destinée à sensibiliser les femmes au dépistage du cancer du sein et à récolter des fonds pour la recherche .
Les hommes, comme les femmes, peuvent aussi développer un cancer du sein. Toutefois, les cas sont rares, puisque cette maladie, chez .....

It is so paradoxical how people tend to magnify their own life stories, achievements, and problems, yet they see it kind of easier to move on for the ones who went through much more gravelygrave things... I did not dare to underestimate a serious level of pain, suffering or trauma, nor did I intend to mock.....

Laura and Doug~

Meeting you both virtually was a wonderful addition to my Friday! Your personalities complement each other, and your banter was uplifting. We share a lot of the same characteristics
, and although I take my job seriously, I appreciate a team that makes work not feel like work.


The Cultural Web, developed in 1992 by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, offers such an approach to examining and changing the culture of your organisation. It enables you to uncover cultural assumptions and practises and align organisational elements with each other and with your strategy. Johnson and Sc.....

Pour rappel, vous n’avez pas fait l’objet d’un forfait de maintenance, et par conséquent, toutetoutes les modifications que j’apportesj’apporte en plus vous sont offertes. j’aiJ’ai bien une tolérance pour « terminéterminer » le site :, car comme on dit, un site n’est jamais fini, il est toujours en maintenance et ça se confirm.....

J'ai bien pris en compte tous les points dont vous m'avez fait part. Voici un petit récapitulatif de mes actions.
I \ Suppression d'extensions inutiles et
mismise à jour lesdes 11 extensions en bonus.
supprimersupprimé les extensions suivantes :
II \ Mise en page
installerinstallé l'application Elementor Pro s.....

I'm going to make a report on water cooling first of all that is about water cooling.
Water cooling is a method of cooling electronic devices, such as computers, by circulating water in a closed circuit.
The water usually flows over the device (such as a processor or graphics card) to be cooled and

Les modifications n’ons pasAucune modification n’a été apportéapportée ce jour, car impossibleil est impossible de center pluscentrer davantage les éléments. comme expliquerComme expliqué précédemment, cela fonctionne par bloc. Vous pouvez essayezessayer de l’ajuster à la main. Depuisdepuis la fenêtre Elementor.
Je n’ai pas eu de retour
, de leursleur côté, sur la problématique que vous .....

Hello , I am typing this email outjust want to let you , to inform you.know that I am so thankful you have reached out to me for a phone interview and send me an opportunity email to work for Mercy Health. I’dIt would be a pleasure to work with Mercy Health for many reasons, such as; it is a great company , & i’dand I would love to build my career with Me.....

Good morning, welcome to the training course which will be conducted by Mrs. Tomasz Sętkowski.
The training course is scheduled for today until 2 pm.
To improve communication, I would like to present a few rules that will be helpful to follow:

1. We recommend you have the microphone turned off an

Thunberg uses images to connect towith her audience. She is appealing to pathos to make sure that she connects towith her audience emotionally. Showing us a crowd of chickens in a cage, showing the images of sheepssheep and pigs to feed livestock. Connecting her tone of narration and showing all these images .....

Good evening,

Around 2:45pm, Donna Witcher came inside your office and asked if I lived in this complex
. withoutWithout hesitation, your office staff told her that I did. AsBeing in an apartment complex, it is important that our privacy is protected. I askam asking that you please train your staff to not give .....