Another definition could be: AI is the intelligence by which machines, software and devices solve problems independently. In doing so, they imitate the thinking abilities of humans. Here, it refers to intelligence, but that in turn is not unambiguously defined. It is also important to realise that intelligence is not a single dimension. The intelligence quotient allows us to rank people by intelligence, but it quickly becomes clear that with AI, it is not possible to compare AI systems on the same scale.
Is a self-driving car more intelligent than a movie suggestion system?
( this(This is obviously meaningless.)

AI is also
task-orientedtask oriented, meaning that the ability to solve one problem says nothing about the ability to solve another problem.
Other words like "learning" and "understanding" are also misleading and must be handled/interpreted correctly.

AI and its related fields

Informatica→ Artificiele intelligentie→Machine learning→Deep learningInformation → Artificial Intelligence → Machine Learning → Deep Learning

Intelligenceintelligence is part of Computer Sciencecomputer science, and machine learning is in turn part of AI. By machine learning we mean systems that get better and better at a given task as the amount of data and experience increases, with minimal human intervention. An example of machine learning: To offer new suggestions, Spotify learns your music preferences. When you indicate that you would like a particular song, this can be done by adding the song to your library or by listening to it. altogether,Then the service updates its algorithms to give you more accurate recommendations. Netflix works in the same way.
Deep learning is a part of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to mimic the learning process of the human brain.

Philosophy of AI

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