Dear Mrs. Daisley,

On looking over our records this week, we find that each of your offices
havehas failed to renew its
subscription to Modern Times. And we assure you wewill regret this very much. Each of our previous
letters expresshas expressed our appreciation offor having you as a subscriber. And explainand explained to you our desire to have
all your offices remain as regular subscribers.
Everyone on our staff
areis concerned overabout your failure to renew, was. Was this failure due to something that
that someone in my office havehas said or done? We would be very much pleased to hear any suggestions
you may have, and we assure you that we will take all steps possible to remedy any unfortunate
You know Modern Times
areis the finest magazine in its field, whether drama, science, current events,
or politics areis your interest, Modern Times havehas articles of interest tofor you. Modern Times is read and
enjoyed by people inof all walks of life, itand is read by doctors, it is read by lawyers, it is read by
engineers, the list of readers
areis just endless.

We do hope that you will reconsider
. Andand forward your renewal so that we may again enter your
name on our list of subscribers and friends. After all, areis there anything more important than loyal
Sincerely yours

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