Subject: Employ a freelancer
Dear Mr. Zia (HR Manager)
Hope you are doing well!
My name is Hadia Afzal
, and I have been appointed and therefore, am working at Visual Designing Company onin the position of senior manager. Actually, Now-a-daysnowadays our company is looking for a tech/computer whiz to hire who can serve withby using their skills as a freelancer. Basically, our company is at the brink of making different projects visible for theirour clients and consumers. He must be aware of the fact that we urgeintend to improve the already weekalready-weak image of the company in accordance with restructuring the idol systems.
of the fact that there are a lot of skilled people working in the organization who are working day in and day out to uplift the image of the organization but, the reality is that we still are looking forward forto someone meeting the above mentioned skill-setabove-mentioned skill set and credentials.
Your company’s services have been published in the newspaper publicly
, and I have gone through reviewed the advertisement in a newspaper about your company’s services, so this email is being written to you. That particular person should be creative, know about visual image developing, logo design, web design, and content development and also have anunderstand the art to presentof presenting to clients.
Kindly refer some freelancers to our company so that we can schedule an interview with them and further guide them
aboutthrough our companycompany's policies.
I shall be highly thankful for your cooperation.
ThankingThank you!
With best regards,
Hadia Afzal (Senior Manager)

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