Moreover, my father works as a representative in the fashion trade while my mother has always been a wife-house for taking care of me and my three brothers. Like many other families, I am aware of the sacrifices my parents made (and still make) for me and my brothers allowing us to study in Israel and doing one of the best experiences in our life. I constantly feel lucky and grateful to them for giving me this chance. Fortunately, my relationship with them is sincere and unique. I esteem them as persons for how they grew us up and the beautiful people that they are. My father is one of those people I aspire to become. My father is someone who dedicatesdedicated his life from a young age to helping others. His position as president of the Jewish community of Rome has allowed him to support Italian Jews both in good things and in tough ones, putting the needs of others first (sometimes even before himself). Since I was a little girl, I looklooked at my father with deep respect and admiration that motivates me more and more to be like him. Thus, the reason why I am applying for the university scholarship is this one. My parents do everything for us, to the point of making extra financial efforts just for the joy of seeing me and my brothers achieve our goals and desires. This application is my indirect way to help them because I know that seeing us happy, makes them even happier.

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